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Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine

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LX-ST03 Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine 

Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine which is used to produce anti-slip elastics is for stocking industry. It is very popular.

Automatic silicone coating machine is fully automatically with PLC control and lower space and lower power and fast production and people saving can be achieving.

Automatic silicone coating machine can apply line type, wave type, reticulation type and other pattern as your own design.


Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine Parameter :

Max. Belt Width

300 mm

Max. Running Speed of Belt

6 m/min ¡Á 2


12500 ¡Á 540 ¡Á 1300 mm

Oven Temperature

200 ¡æ below


800 KG

Air Requirement

5 kg/cm2


8 kw/ 380 V/AC

As below machine picture of Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine :

<a href='/Product/7453162145.html' target='_blank'>Automatic Silicone Lace Coatin</a>g Machine

As below sample pictures made by Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine :

Silicone Lace

Silicone Lace

Silicone Lace

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