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Guang Dong LI XIN Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of LI XIN Group, whichspecialized in research and development of automation dosing machine for flavor and fragrance, full-automatic high-precision weighing batching system, full-automation computer mixer for essence, full-automation formulation equipment for flavor and fragrance, full-automation recipe machine for beverage,full-automation cosmetic ingredient formulation system, that is the independent research and development with high-tech, full-automation.


The dosing machine for flavor and fragrance is mainly for the essence of perfumery plant ingredients,white wine distillery ingredients, red wine brewery ingredients, cosmetics fragrance ingredients, as well as a variety of pharmaceutical drug ingredients, etc.


In order to change the traditional used manual ingredients, troublesome operation, low precision, not easy to control number of formulation, low production efficiency, high cost of production etc factor, and the development of a fully automated computer control system, it realize automatically ingredients through only one command button, labor-saving, high-precision ingredients, production speed, simple operation,confidential formula data, overcome the problems caused by the loss of formulation, full-automation flavor and fragrance dosing machine completely replace the traditional manual operation.


Guang Dong LI XIN Machinery measuring system provides an economic and practical solutions, you can get the unique competitive advantage; all of these advantages can improve the capacity of production,and it means higher profits, from now on,,you will give customers faster and better products if you choose LIXIN technology.