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Guang Dong Li Xin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd founded in early 1992,mainly engaged in the research of soft PVC trademarks and gifts of the production process in the early years.In 1994 developed a series of PVC trademarks,gifts combination prodution lines semi-automatic production and all other support equipments.For the intustry completely getting rid of the difficult position of manual work with low efficiency and substantially increasing the productivity, while significantly reducing the reject ratio,also filling up the blank of China,laying a solid foundation for the industry development.So far in 1995 to 2000 period ,the industry was developed rapidly inChina.In the short five years from Chinaí»s Pearl River Delta to the coastal areas and some inland provinces of China.PVC products immediately are sold to the world human place .Lin Xin group during this period was serving as the cornerstone of development of the industry,Li Xin equipments pervaded wherever the industry went. Li Xiní»s efforts had been highly recognized by the instury. Li Xin group and industry grow and develop rapidly together.

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   As mankind improves awareness of environmental hazards,PVC products have its shortcomings. Li Xin group researched and found that the organic silicone material will be the best choice of replacement of PVC. In 1998 Lin Xin group decided to develop organic silicone material for production of soft tradrmarks, gifts, and machinery of organic silicone applications in the textile field.During one year,in 1999 Lin Xin group developed in the textile field automatic silicone printing machine, automatic silicone coating machine, the silicone trademarks and gifts molding machine and all support equipment, and access to the Republic of China Intellectual Property Office granted 9 patents and the certificate issued, for the transformation and upgrading of industry laid the solid foundation.

  Li Xin group had been always working hard, never stopping pace, supplying with best service to domestic industry and also actively doing the international marketing. 2000 to 2005 in Vietnam, Philippines, India, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries established good relations of cooperation. Li Xin group left footprints in the third world countries where the machine are using.

     2005 Li Xin group and well-known organic silicone supplier cooperated in marketing development.

     2007 Li Xin group become the association of Dong Guan City Intellectual Property Protection.

     2008 Li Xin group won the private enterprise of Dong Guan City Science and Technology.

     2009 Li Xin group won the private enterprise of Guang Dong Province Science and Technology

     2009 Li Xin group founded Global Trading Company in Hong Kong.

     2010 Li Xin group opened office in India.

     2011 Li Xin group opened office in Bangladesh.

     2012 Li Xin group opened office in Indonesia.
     2014 Update the name of Guang Dong Li Xin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

    Industry is going ahead and same time Li Xin group is growing. Li Xin group forges ahead and never stops, is willing to explore and innovate with same industry members, to become the best partners and the best service team in the industry.

India customer and LIXIN established  successful partnership, Ukraine customer and LIXIN established  successful partnership


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